Monday 6 August 2012

Today's offering: 6 August 2012

I spent the day sorting through dad's original storyboards for Time Bandits... So many good pieces it was hard to choose what to share but here's a sprinkling of what I found...

"The Ogre & his wife"
"The Time Bandits & Kevin caged"
"Spinning cowboys"


  1. When I was 11 I picked up the Time Bandits book and saw the combination of script and Gilliam's sketches and I thought, oh! So that's how you make a movie: you write words and draw some comics and then it gets made. Of course, I missed out the "raise millions of dollars" part, but it still made me want to be a filmmaker! Tell him cheers!

  2. Incredible stuff! This site is such a wonderful idea, I've already recommended it, but forgot to comment before ;D In any case, thanks so much HDG, and please keep up the work.

  3. Just found your Blog, and I'm so glad I did! Your father's work was always my favorite part of the show, and I always asked myself, "How does he come up with that stuff?" Now I can see the process ... and I'm more impressed than ever. Any thought for putting it all together in a type of large coffee-table book? That's the kind of stuff you can just flip through over and over again. cheers!

  4. Just found your blog!! This is fantastic. Promoting this right now.... :))

  5. You are doing great job! I keep my fingers crossed for you.

    From Poland with love - Luiza Jurgiel

  6. Time Bandits holds a place in my childhood garden of joys. Rare was it is indeed to end a film with evil, selfish, mean parents being the victims of their greedy consumption and love of toaster ovens. Your site is literally, in all ways all good. Thanks & best to you & yours.

  7. Thank you so much for these- what a wonderful rare glimpse inside a seminal picture for me an my career as an artist..

    more TimeBandits Please