Wednesday, 29 August 2012

For "The Meaning of Life" afficionados: 29 August 2012

I went up in the loft today & came across a dusty brown envelope with "One More M. Python Film" written across it in dad's handwriting.  In it I found several original scripts (dated 1980) for various The Meaning of Life sketches, including one of my favourites - Mr. Creosote...


  1. Great stuff! I have one more thing: I'm writing a Ph.D about Terry's films, especially the visuals, and I was wondering if you could give me a hint on that? Nicola told me that you're the person who knows all :) if I could write you somehow, or if you could drop me a line at pan.maciej.wiktor [ a tt] gee mail kom? Would really appreciate it! Best, Wiktor

  2. I love this film, and I love this scene. I always relate this sketch (don't ask me why) with the Magical Mistery Tour's dream sequence in wich Lennon is a waiter piling spaghetti on a woman’s plate.

  3. hi! I'm doing my final thesis at the univesity about your dad and in particular about the movie brazil! I was wondering if you could find some material about it, I would be really happy:) well, I would be happier if your dad would answers to some of my questions, but I know it's kinda impossible^^

  4. I'm soooooo hooked on your Gilliam Adventure... you can't immagine!

    João Francisco
    (A portuguese Gilliam fan!)