Thursday, 23 August 2012

Share of the day: 23 August 2012

Sorry for the lack of posts recently.  Here's some of what I have been dusting off and organising over the last couple of weeks -  Original Monty Python's Flying Circus scripts from 1969 to 1974 (some with dad's notes & doodles on):
Script for film insert - "International Musical Chairs"

Rehearsal Script -
"Monty Python's Flying Circus - Ep. 7" - 1969
Script - "Circus" - Episode Four - 1970
Script -
"Monty Python's Flying Circus With Very Few Naughty Words"
 - Episode 13 - 1972

Running Order - "Monty Python 5." - 1970
Script - "Owl Stretching Time -
Episode One - 'Sex & Violence'" - 1970
Script -
"Roger Learns All About Mr. Sidcups 'Tantrums'" -
Episode 9 - 1972
Script - "The Golden Age of Ballooning" - Show 1 - 1974


  1. Amazing. This is one of my favorite blogs.

  2. Absolute gold as usual - so many avenues to explore there!

    A quick observation - it would appear that the "...with very few naughty words" script would be from 1972 rather than 1970. The handwritten notes ("Shakespeare poster to nude organist", "Big Game slaughtered made into cocktails", etc) refer to the animated sequences in Series 3, Show 10 (although this was indeed originally recorded as 'Episode 13' - the finale to that particular series).

    Also worth noting that this particular show was famously butchered by the BBC due to worries over the content (our old Python site includes all the gory details here). Note that animations of Cleese saying "And now..." and Palin saying "It's..." were originally intended to accompany the cartoon of Terry Jones' nude organist - but were apparently removed in the process of chopping, changing and rearranging the show.

    It is known incidentally that a fair amount of Flying Circus filmed inserts were handed back to the Python office by the BBC. It may be worth checking whether these feature any of the animated bits which were later truncated or snipped entirely before the shows were edited for TV.

  3. Thank you for pointing that out (that was my mistake when typing). Thank you also for the great info. - so interesting & all very helpful! I'm in the process of looking into what the BBC archives hold so will look out for the film inserts with animation!

  4. Random non sequitur... the writing all over these pages, particularly the third image, reminds me of some of Harry's favorite of which is "Ruins." Or I suppose, the other way round...similar handwriting.

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