Tuesday, 22 January 2013

22 January 2012: Dad's first published work

Thanks to Richard Kolkman (www.seriocomics.com), who kindly gave us these original copies of the "Courier" newspaper from dad's high school, Birmingham High School in California, and Denis Kitchen (www.deniskitchen.com), who made the connection and organised the delivery, we now have prints of dad's earliest published works (from 1956 & 1957)& I've found the original sketch of "The Beast of Birmingham"... Enjoy!

Courier - 19 October 1956
"The Beast of Birmingham" - TG cartoon

Courier - 21 February 1957
Courier - 1 April 1957


  1. Amazing Work! Your Dad is undoubtedly a great artist in making cartoons! Everyone cannot have such artistic mind to describe even the expressions in cartoons!

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